The Real Cure for Heart Disease.

The Cure for Heart Disease That Big Pharma Hopes you Won't Discover!

Gene Millen, Author - Revised 3/1/17

Learn The True Cure for Heart Disease.

I'm Gene Millen, your host of this website. I remember the experience like it was yesterday,although it happened 26 ears ago.My heart was pounding in my chest and and my breath was coming in short, labored gasps. I was afraid a heart attack was coming any minute...and I wasn't far wrong... Continue Gene's story

1931 Rolls RoyceThe magnificent 1931 Rolls Royce pctured on the left was built the same year I was born.

In the 1930's Heart disease was almost non-existant!

So what is the cause of the epidemic that is now the leading cause of deaths in the United States?

Contrary to what the mainstream medical community has been telling us for decades, the culprit is not cholesterol.

The truth is that cholesterol is good for us, and those with the highest cholesterol live longer than those with low cholesterol!
If you have difficulty believing this I don't blame you.
You may be thinking, "How could 60 years of "conclusive evidence" be wrong? It's a very long story of misinformation, lies and deceit.

Researcher Reveals Misleading Cholesterol Studies

Dr. Uffe Ravnskov, a Danish researcher and family practice physician, is one the few scientists who have dug into the original flawed research that created the cholesterol myth.

The information Dr. Ravnskov uncovered has not been well received by those who benefit financially from the "cholesterol will give you a heart attack" misinformation. They have severely criticized, scorned and labeled the doctor a "quack" for bringing the truth to light.

The Skeptic's Health Journal provides us with some eye opening information in their article dated January 26, 2011. The author reports the following in a comprehensive review of Dr. Ravnskov's search for the cure for heart disease."
"While every medical student is taught the results of the vaunted Framingham study which underpins much of the cholesterol lowering campaign, a stance reinforced by unanimity among instructors and peers, as well as a nearly unavoidable multi decade media blitz, Dr. Ravnskov did something I never had, he went back and look as the relevant medical literature with a critical eye and a fine tooth comb.
For example one learns that the Framingham study was an exception to more numerous studies. Thirty years after the original flawed study researchers belatedly discovered that "those who had high cholesterol and were older than forty-seven years of age when the project started lived just as long or longer than those with low cholesterol."
In the Framingham Study, risk for cardiovascular disease (and heart attacks) increases sharply as HDL levels fall progressively below 40 mg/dL.

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