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Gene Millen, Author - Revised 5/11/15

I'm Gene Millen. My experience in developing an aerobic exercise program started 21-years ago, shortly after I spent a few hours on the operating table enjoying open heart surgery.

About a month after my six way heart bypass I signed up the Cardiac Rehab Center and for the first time in many years I began a sound cardio conditioning program.
I couldn't believe how good I began to feel. It's too bad I had to learn the hard way the benefits of exercise.

After about a year of getting a taste of what exercise can do I got the wild idea of leaving the stress of banking and starting my own business helping other people avoid the mistakes I had been making.

In February 1993 my wife Bernie opened a health club to develop aerobic exercise programs for the over 40 crowd. The Vital Life Health and Wellness Club was patterned after the program at cardiac rehab, but without the oversight of doctors and nurses.

As I studied and became certified as a Physical Fitness Trainer and a Medical Exercise Specialist it became clear that there is more to smart exercise than just jumping on a treadmill and going.
One thing I learned from reading the research about a quality aerobic exercise program is that it takes far less time than most people spend.
The key to success for the heart and weight loss is intensity (how hard you work), not how long you sweat.
I had learned about interval training when I was on the high school football team more years ago than I care to recall.
For physical conditioning we did what we called "wind sprints." This torturous process consisted of a leisurely warm-up jog followed by an all out run for 30-40 yards until we were gasping for breath.
We would then walk slowly until we caught our breath and repeat the process.
What I didn't know until much later is that our body will adapt to the demands that we place on it.

ACSM Aerobic Exercise Program Recommendations

For example the American College of Sports Medicine suggests that 20 minutes of intense exercise 3 times per week does as much as 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days per week.

For us non-math majors this equates to 60 minutes of intense exercise equating to 150 minutes of moderate exercise. In short, less equals more.

New Aerobic Exercise Program Research

I recently came across some new research about how our body works has revealed how we can supercharge our sluggish metabolism and win the belly fat battle of the bulge.

And the good news is that you don't have to give up all of your favorite foods, count calories or spend hours in the fitness center. You may, however, have to unlearn a few things you thought you knew about eating, exercise and weight loss.

I thought I knew just about everything there was to know about creating a quality aerobic exercise program.

When I came across Dr. Charles Livingston's Fat Factor Program, I discovered you "never get too old to learn."

Dr. Charles is an author, certified wellness practitioner, chiropractic physician, and certified nutritionist.
Dr. Charles created his Fat Loss Factor aerobic exercise program... to help your body repair the damage from toxins like HFCS... and lose a lot of weight in the process.
The video on his website will give you more details and has a lot of helpful free information about how to lose weight...and keep it off.
His cutting-edge therapies and reputation for solving some of the most difficult-to-diagnose cases attract patients from around the world.
If you have tried a lot of different plans, and found that the idea of sticking to a strict one just doesn't work, the Fat Factor Aerobic Exercise Program may be the answer you've been looking for.
It is an easy program to follow and stick with because it does not deprive you of the foods you love.
The Fat Factor program super charges your metabolism and gets rid of surplus belly fat and love handles. In works!
In other words, it has everything you need to be successful. For a limited time this program is on sale.
Click here now to check it out...
and let me know what you think about it.

Gene Millen, Heart Health CoachI'm here to be your advisor, help you avoid the pitfalls and false starts that I have made, and guide you to the cure for heart disease.

Thanks for joining us on the journey to
Vital Heart Health for Life!
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