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Gene Millen, Heart Health CoachI'm Gene Millen the owner of this website with my wife Bernie. In 1990, at the young age of 59, I received a surprise that significantly changed my lifestyle.

In 1990 a heart surgeon, sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite heart arteries. That got my attention and prompted me to try to discover what happened and what I could do to keep others from making the mistakes I've made.

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The Vital Heart newsletter started as a tiny newsletter to a select band of interested readers. Today we have about one thousand readers and we are still growing.

The emails are short, informative and usually are sent about three times a month (at the most) - so, don't worry about getting bombarded with too many emails. They're simply helpful "tips and tactics" to keep your heart in tip top shape.
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"I am so very thankful that Gene and Bernie Millen continue to offer what I consider life-saving advice, and products such as policosanol, for those of us who are desperately searching for alternatives to the "traditional" drugs prescribed by most physicians today."
Janelle Carey, Savoy, Illinois

"There is nothing I read with more interest and enthusiasm than your columns. Thank you once again for your efforts."
Jim Nash

"I love it. I wish I had found this place a long time ago!"

"Your article on vitamins is outstanding. You hit the nail on the head-as you always do. Keep up the good work."
Dick Chatterton


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