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Is Natural Weight Loss
Really Possible? 

Yes, there is a healthy, common sense, natural weight loss plan.

Some reasons why diets don't work.
Columnist Erma Bombeck once wrote, “One third of the world is on a diet. Another third just fell off a diet. And the remaining third is going on one next Monday.” Most diets don’t work...even the good ones.

It’s easy to see why some diets don’t make the cut. For example the Wednesday menu for the “Cabbage Soup Diet” requires eating 8 bananas with a bowl of cabbage soup. I’m sure I’d look forward to Wednesdays if I were a monkey.

Habits die hard.
One of the primary reasons people give up on their diets is because they involve changing our habits. Habits die hard… especially when they concern food. natural weight loss and exercising have two things in common. The real work goes on in the brain. If we take a hit or miss approach our old habits jump in and resume control.

Natural weight loss won't be a "quick fix"
One problem with many dieters is the desire for a quick fix to undue the damage that has been years in the making. “I need to lose 20 pounds by the time of my high school reunion.”

It’s nice to lose 20 pounds but it’s not so much fun when we find that those pounds have come back home to roost. We need to choose changes in our lifestyle to achieve natural weight loss and keep it off.

It’s puzzling to me that so many people don’t seem to understand that what we eat, or in some cases don’t eat, can dramatically affect our health, energy level and longevity in addition to our waistline. They start the race with good intentions but don’t keep their eye on the goal and quit before they reach the finish line.

A low carb diet that works.
A little over a year ago my family and I switched from the low fat approach to a the natural weight loss approach of the Atkins low carb diet. I am a strong believer in Atkins, not because of the rapid weight loss it brings to most people but because of the proven health benefits.

New studies contradict the mistaken belief that the saturated fats in meat and dairy products will raise cholesterol levels and lead to heart disease.

In the ongoing Framingham Studies conducted by Harvard researchers they recently found, to their amazement that those with the highest intake of saturated fats had the fewest ischemic strokes (the most common kinds), a whopping 76 percent less than those with the lowest intake of saturated fat.

A study published in The Lancet in 1994 showed that almost three-quarters of the fat found clogging arteries is trans fat, the unsaturated and comes from artificially hydrogenated vegetable oils...in other word trans fats. You need to avoid avoid trans fats like the plague!

In February Reuters Health reported,

  • “The extremely carbohydrate-restricted Atkins diet is a safe, effective way to lose weight, according to studies conducted at the Durham VA Medical Center.”

The study did not indicate any of the safety concerns voiced by the American Dietetic Association, such as potentially dangerous effects on liver and kidney function.

  • The participants of the Atkins Diet lost an average of 21.3 pounds in four months, and showed a 6.1% drop in cholesterol, and nearly a 40% drop in their triglycerides. The extremely important HDL cholesterol levels increased by about 7%. That's a natural weight loss program that works.

Researchers have demonstrated that high triglycerides and low HDL may be the most important factors in heart disease and stroke…not LDL cholesterol as is so commonly reported.

Here are some low carb diet tips for natural weight loss.
You may be aware that carbohydrates, also known as carbs, are the building blocks of all plant life. They include all the fruits, vegetables, grains and starches—plus some milk products.

Nearly all of the carbohydrates we consume are converted into glucose with the notable exceptions of fiber and glycerin. Glucose, commonly referred to as blood sugar, is the primary source of energy for our body.

Energy is good, right?
But here’s the rub. Too much of a good thing ends up causing some real serious problems. Some carbs are high in sugar and digest quickly flooding your blood with glucose which stops the natural weight loss you are looking for. Others digest slowly and provide a controlled, steady source of energy.

The chief troublemakers are refined sugars, high fructose corn syrup and other high-glycemic carbs such as white flour, potatoes, rice and pasta. They put the brakes on natural weight loss.

When the sugar from these foods hits your blood stream your body quickly perceives this danger and reacts by mounting an insulin counter attack.

Insulin carries a small amount of the glucose to the cells for immediate energy and some is converted into glycogen and stored in the muscles and liver for later use. When the glycogen storerooms are full the over flow is stuffed into fat storage tanks on your belly, thighs, buttocks and other unwanted places.

An increase in body fat is only one of the side effects of these recurring glucose excesses. Over time the insulin receptors on the surface of the cells no longer function properly and this leads to insulin resistance, which is the road to fatigue, malaise, diabetes and of course obesity. If this isn’t enough to get you on the low carb natural weight loss bandwagon consider the words of researcher, Nicholas Perricone M.D., and author of the Perricone Prescription.

 “Sugar and foods that are rapidly converted to sugar are potent inflammatory agents. They cause a sharp spike in insulin levels, resulting in a rapid acceleration of the aging process, increasing the risk of heart disease, every form of cancer, memory loss, and mental deterioration.”

Some carbohydrates such as whole grains, vegetables and legumes are lower in sugar, high in fiber and digest more slowly. They provide an even stream of glucose thereby avoiding insulin spikes.

You can also slow down the rate at which carbohydrates enter your blood stream by combining them with fats and oils.

Measuring the impact of various carbohydrates on blood sugar is a complex process that takes into account how much and how quickly the sugar gets into the bloodstream.

Glycemic indexes have been created that give a numerical rating to each carbohydrate but I’ve found that the simplest way to control carbs is with a carb counter and by checking the number of carbs listed on food nutrition labels.

It is getting easier all the time to eat low carb in a high carb world. A wide variety of delicious and healthy low carbohydrate food choices including bread, muffin and pancake mixes, chips and even ice cream are now available to satisfy the most discriminating taste.

Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be medicine.” Do you suppose he was thinking of low carb cuisine?

I'm not bragging about it but it took 59 years for me to catch on to the benefits of exercise. Sure I knew that "exercise is good for you" but I was just too busy with the important things of life.

Exercise is essential to super charge our metabolism. Debra Waterhouse, M.P.H.,R.D. describes in her book, OUTSMARTING THE FEMALE FAT CELL, “The only factor that influences the lipolytic enzymes for release of fat is regular physical activity. A sedentary person’s fat cell lacks the machinery to make the fat cell smaller—its fat releasing enzymes are in hibernation.”

What's the best exercise for weight loss? Covert Bailey, author of SMART EXERCISE says, “The best exercise for losing weight is the one you actually do.”

There are two basic types of exercise: Aerobic exercise and strength training. Aerobic means with oxygen and is also known as cardiovascular exercise. Cardio exercise includes activities such as running, walking, cycling and stair climbing.

If you’ve been unsuccessful in previous attempts at natural weight loss don’t give up. A survey of 2,000 people who lost, on average, 60 pounds and kept it off for six years showed that these “master weight controllers” had lost and regained an average of 270 pounds before their successful effort took hold. You can do it!

It’s time to get back in the race. And the best fuel to guarantee that your heart keeps ticking like a fine watch is  Heart Supplements They could make heart attack symptoms for you as rare as snow on the 4th of July.


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