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Weight Loss Principles

 Vince Lombardi, one of the most successful coaches of all time was known for his emphasis on the fundamentals.


Legend has it that he started the first practice each season by holding up a spherical, air-filled, leather covered object in his hand and saying to his team,

"This is a football."


Come back to this page frequently for a review of the fundamentals. Repetition is powerful. Just think how many times you see the same commercials on TV. They wouldn't spend all that money if it didn't pay off.


·           Change a little bit at a time. Lots of small dietary changes coupled with lots of short exercise sessions (about 10 minutes each) which include short bursts of intensity work best.

·           Clear out the junk food. What you don't have (or can't see) you won't eat.

·           Don't skip meals...especially breakfast. When your body goes without food for a period of time it thinks you are starving and slows down your metabolism

·           Begin the meal with liquids such as water or soup.

·           Don't go longer than 3 hours without eating.

·           Eat lightly in the evening.

·           Eat smaller portions. Don't feel that you have to "clean up your plate", especially when eating out. Ask for a take out container.

·           Relax and eat more slowly. A number of hormones are thought to play a role in signaling "fullness" after we eat a snack or meal. The chemical signal to our brain that our hunger is satisfied usually takes about 20 minutes to occur.

·           Take your salad dressing on the side and dip your fork in the dressing instead of dumping it on your salad.

·           Limit sugar and other refined carbohydrates. Whole wheat bread is better than white, brown rice better than white, old fashioned oatmeal better than instant.

·           Limit diet cokes. The caffeine/aspartame combination blocks the formation of serotonin in the brain and will increase your appetite for high sugar foods.

·           Limit Alcohol. There are 210 calories in an ounce of alcohol. The brain doesn't register the calories in alcohol and will increase the appetite.

·           Alcohol will also block the metabolism of fat (keep it from burning off) in addition to the empty calories it adds.

·           Grocery Shopping - Always make a list before shopping, stick to the list and don't shop when you are hungry.

·           Don't trust the bathroom scale. Body weight changes quite frequently. Your scale cannot distinguish between water, lean muscle or fat. Better indicators are your waist measurement and how your clothes fit.

·           Ride out the urge. Cravings generally pass within minutes...sometimes in seconds. Busy yourself with an activity unrelated to food until the desire to eat passes.

·           Splurge now and then. If you are really committed to eating better, an occasional lapse is O.k. It has little impact on your long-range goal of eating smarter.

·           Learn to breathe deeply, especially during exercise. Studies show that 73% of those who need to lose weight have slow metabolisms...their bodies don't get enough oxygen to burn the body fat.

·           Drink lots of water. Water suppresses the appetite and helps the body metabolize stored fat.

·           Strength training is critical. It will restore lost muscle and boost metabolism. In one study a group that did 15 minutes of aerobic exercise and 15 minutes of strength training lost 7 more pounds of body fat than the group that did 30 minutes of aerobics. Note: Aerobics means "with oxygen" and includes walking, running, rowing, cycling etc.


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