Unlocking the mystery
of keeping your heart healthy.
Vital Life Center was chosen as the Small Business of the Year by the Merced, California Chamber of Commerce.

My name is Gene Millen. In 1990 a highly skilled heart surgeon sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite arteries.

I can't say I enjoyed the experience all that much but it did get my attention.
It also brought a new passion to my life…helping others to live an energetic, healthy and vital life! 

For the last 12 years my wife Bernie and I owned and operated the Vital Life Center, an award winning health and wellness club. We took "early" retirement (at age 73) to devote full time to providing you with the latest information on heart health.

We also want to introduce you to some outstanding nutritional products. Nothing is too good for my heart…I plan on keeping it ticking for a long, long time. Can you get along without these "superstar" nutrients? Sure, but why not take advantage of the benefits they provide?

About Our Products
We’re excited about our association with Vitamer Laboratories which manufacturers exceptional nutritional supplements. This partnership brings a number of advantages to our customers.

  • The Leader in Natural Dietary Supplements. Since the early 1970’s Vitamer Labs has been a leader in the manufacturing of natural supplements. Their parent company, Anabolic Laboratories meets stringent FDA regulations in their manufacture of over-the-counter and pharmaceutical products. This is noteworthy, as most vitamin, mineral and herbal products do not have the oversight of the FDA.

  • The folks at Vitamer are quality experts and have received the highest rating in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. Products are subject to in-house testing and also undergo independent 3rd party testing.

  • You are guaranteed that what is on the label is inside the bottle. Many people do not realize that a large number of supplements do not meet this common sense test.

  • Their pricing is excellent. Since they do not spend large sums for advertising their brand they pass the savings along to the consumer. The concept is similar to a generic drug with one notable exception. They provide us with our own label, which is Vital Life Nutritionals. You will love these new products!

Why should you trust us?
That’s an excellent question. There are a lot of Internet shysters out there who would love to get some of your hard earned money.

You can check us out by clicking on the “contact us” tab below. Sign up for our free newsletter and see the quality of the information we provide. If you don't feel like it's worth your time you can always cancel. (Heaven Forbid!)

We invite you to shop to your "heart's content!"
Gene and Bernie