The Cure for Heart Disease is Here Now!

Is The Cure For Heart Disease
Within Your Reach?

Author Gene Millen 5/12/15

Gene Millen, Heart Health Coach

The year was 1990, but I remember it like it was yesterday. A highly skilled heart surgeon had sawed open my chest, and bypassed six clogged arteries with replacements from my chest and legs.

A six-way heart bypass isn't a record, but it's not bad for a supposedly healthy 59 year old.
Twenty-three years later I am here to tell the story of what caused the near heart attack and what I have learned during the past two-plus decades that has kept my heart pumping with energy and strength.
It's hard to find common sense information about the causes and cures of heart disease and heart attacks. As Will Rogers so aptly put it. "Common sense ain't common."
There is plenty of information on the web, but much of it is biased, outdated gobbledegook that is about as easy to understand as the Affordable Care Act.
The information on how to prevent and cure heart disease that you discover here will probably sound strange and hard to believe. Much of it will conflict with what you have been told in the past.
Believe me, it's true...and you can review the clinical research studies to prove it. Click here to learn more about us.

Is this 8,000 year old remedy a cure for heart disease?

Hawthorn BerriesThe story begins with archeologist's discovery of remnants of this amazing nutrient in pottery jars dating about 7,000 years before Christ.

Legend holds that the "Crown of Thorns" placed on the head of Jesus was taken from a berry tree or bush which we know today as hawthorn.
Fast forward several millenniums to October 1896, when the New York Medical Journal published a report describing a secret heart disease cure by a physician in Ennis, Ireland named "Dr. Green." Click here to continue article.

Wishing You Vital Heart Health for a long, long time!

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