Home Page URL:  http://www.health-benefits-of-drinking-water.com/index.html E-Mail sbi.fkeller@gmail.com Description of Site Health Benefits of Drinking Water: Helping to increase your awareness of the nature of water, especially 'drinking water'; How to defend yourself against contaminants. Special Note: Find out what causes heart attack and most strokes; What you can do to lessen the Risk. Home Page URL:  http://www.age-well.org/index.html E-Mail marytreacy@bluewin.ch Description of Site Information about strategies to age well and live a long, active life. These include eating well, exercising regularly, looking after one’s body, and giving up habits detrimental to health. Informs on age-related diseases and prevention, keeping mind and brain alert, and looking younger. Home Page URL: http://www.healthychoices4life.com/index.html E-Mail barb1628@gmail.com Description of Site Healthy Choices made Today Can Help You Live Longer And Feel Better. Take Responsibility For Your Good Health And Longevity. Ideas To Help You Succeed On Your Journey To Better Health. Home Page URL:  http://www.normal-blood-pressure-diet.com E-Mail successfullife@verizon.net Description of Site A 100+ page site with many deep linking possibilities, which covers lowering blood pressure naturally using diet, supplements, herbs, formulations, exercise, and devices; also, with motivational pages, and info on body-fat scales and blood pressure monitors. Home Page URL:  http://www.antioxidants-for-health-and-longevity.com/index.html E-Mail mrakgraphics@gmail.com Description of Site Discover why antioxidants are the secret to staying young and preventing degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's and arthritis. What foods are best for antioxidants? 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You'll find jogging tips and techniques for all levels to keep you moving on the path to a better, healthier you! Home Page URL:  http://www.end2stress.com E-Mail n.a.mitchell@ntlworld.com Description of Site Everything you need know about stress related illnesses and more importantly how you can be cured by bringing relaxation into your life. I have suffered stress, agoraphobia and panic attacks and am now completely cured - without taking a single pill! Let me show you how I did it. Home Page URL: http://www.strengthtrainingendeavors.com/index.html E-Mail cscs44@cox.net Description of Site STRENGTH TRAINING ENDEAVORS is a site dedicated to providing up to date information on functional strength training. It is chock full of functional programs, routines, nutritional guidance, fat loss solutions and other valuable functional resources. Everything needed to be successful is right here! Home Page URL:  http://www.home-health-care-physical-therapy.com/index.html E-Mail marciaadmin@home-health-care-physical-therapy.com Description of Site We inspire independence in home health care physical therapy while respecting, protecting and serving our precious aging companions. Our site brings 15 years experience to patients, caregivers and physical therapists. If you would like to exchange links or have questions, let us know! Home Page URL:  www.acupunctureenergyworks.com E-Mail mbachia@yahoo.com Description of Site Acupuncture, chinese medicine and information about health, hormones, breathing, the digestion, sound therapy, and you are welcome to e mail me and ask me questions about your health concerns. I am happy to share my insights and wealth of knowledge. Home Page URL:  www.quick-weight-loss.com.au E-Mail jane@quick-weight-loss.com.au Description of Site www.quick-weight-loss.com.au offers thousands of herbs, vitamins, weight loss and sports supplements. 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This website offers free help and information that is based on personal experience and it also includes some of the best stress and anxiety resources. Home Page URL: http://www.alternativeratreatments.com/index.html E-Mail edoyle_98@yahoo.com Description of Site This is one woman's story of how she beat RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) naturally and effectively. There really are alternative Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments work. Home Page URL: http://www.naturalmagnetism.com/index.html E-Mail julie@naturalmagnetism.com Description of Site All humans function by this biomagnetic energy field or chi. Balance your natural magnetism - look better, feel better and obtain holistic health. 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Home Page URL:  http://www.goldeneramart.com E-Mail probizventures@gmail.com Description of Site GoldenEraMart is an online store catering to the ailing and infirm. It's inventory includes: diabetic supplies, blood pressure monitors, incontinence supplies,mobility aids and more. Our aim is to provide our clientele with the most up to date products and information available for their ailment(s) Home Page URL:  http://www.about-olive-leaf-extract.com/index.html E-Mail thedgcock@gmail.com Description of Site All about Olive leaf extract. Practical information about this herb's uses, benefits, tea made from its leaves, capsules, liquid, and other forms. What dosage does one need? Should anyone not take it? How to make your own and some common ailments in humans and animals that it helps. Home Page URL:  http://www.alternative-healing-online.com/index.html E-Mail meditation262@yahoo.com Description of Site Alternative Medicine - Empowering you with the most comprehensive information on alternative approaches and cures available. Home Page URL:  http://www.acai-berry-healthy-chocolate.com/index.html E-Mail liis.leismann@gmail.com Description of Site Acai berry - the healthiest food on the planet! Good to prevent cancer, heart disease, strokes, anti-aging, and more. Weight loss with acai rich Xocai Healthy Chocolate couldn't be easier. This site will provide you with a wealth of information on benefits of acai berry and healthy chocolate. Home Page URL:  http://www.anorexia-reflections.com/index.html E-Mail royalwebgirl@gmail.com Description of Site Anorexia Reflections - A personal journey; an inside look at signs and symptoms of anorexia nervosa, pica eating disorder, bulimia, disordered eating. 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Home Page URL:  http://www.holistic-health-alternative.com/index.html E-Mail susan@holistic-health-alternative.com Description of Site Let Holistic Health Alternative teach you about Bioenergy therapy for energy healing of people and pets, the Prayer Wheel, holistic parenting tips, pain relief, articles on emotional and physical health, diet to sustain good health after it's been achieved, and personal stories... Home Page URL:  http://www.bellyfatblues.com/index.html E-Mail a.carione@rogers.com Description of Site Lose belly fat. Over 40 weight loss. Menopause weight gain help for losing peri-menopause and menopause belly fat. Home Page URL:  http://www.alternativehealth-mindpower.com/index.html E-Mail robtgraf@comcast.net Description of Site Eat right and exercise. So what's new? Alternative health + mind power = certain knowledge that you can directly enhance your body's health through the best use of your own mind. Home Page URL: http://www.thegreenlivingexpert.com/index.html E-Mail jbessios@gmail.com Description of Site This is a site about the green, natural way of living, and specializes in the home's environment. Includes information about cleanness and wellness in the house, such as cleaning, clean air, water quality, good sleep, stress relief, using natural ways (non toxic, non chemicals, herbs etc.) Home Page URL:  http://www.altichealthprevention.com E-Mail resources@altichealthprevention.com Description of Site Modern acidic diet leads to acidosis, main cause of most chronic diseases. We promote prevention and treatment of degenerative chronic diseases with alkaline diet and supplements. We offer nutritional plans for acid reflux, arthritis, Candida yeast infections, obesity, osteoporosis, premature aging Home Page URL:  http://www.no-hype-nutritional-supplements-guide.com/index.html E-Mail leong1208@gmail.com Description of Site No Hype offers factual information (nothing too heavy) on everything nutritional supplements, holistic health, life extension, and more--but minus the bells and whistles! Home Page URL:  http://www.upright-health.com/index.html E-Mail drsflanagan@sprynet.com Description of Site This site examines the role of upright posture in the cause of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and others, as well as many other important health concerns. 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Home Page URL: http://www.humanlyexhausted.com/index.html E-Mail ray@humanlyexhausted.com Description of Site It can seem mysterious and, therefore, become extremely frustrating to feel burned out all the time and yet not understand why. However, there can be many root causes of it, including mental and physical burnout: Home Page URL:  http://www.therapies4all.com/index.html E-Mail info@therapies4all.com Description of Site Therapies4all is a website about natuaral medicine with descriptions of natural therapies, detailed health forums and location maps for therapists in the UK with over 20,000 listings. Home Page URL:  http://www.dalai-lama-dharma-dharamsala-miniguide.com/index.html E-Mail dharamsala_tours@yahoo.co.uk Description of Site Study the life of dalai lama-dharma-dharamsala,yoga meditation/healing- retreat ,experience himalayan adventures,tibetan india tours buddhism with us,Lodging,Reaching Dharamsala, tibetan art, tibetan buddhism,volunteering,eco treks,ayurveda n tibetan herbals,community development,dalai lama teaching Home Page URL: http://www.discoverholistichealth.org/index.html E-Mail discoverholistichealth@gmail.com Description of Site Discovering holistic health is a journey. This journey will be like no other you have been on. It is a journey into the depths of your health. We will be exploring a wide ranging health topics from heart health to spiritual health. 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Home Page URL:  http://www.biotechnology-sparks-gene-therapy.com/index.html E-Mail carrollmorgan5@gmail.com Description of Site Biotechnology has created new gene therapies to treat diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease autism, obesity. Home Page URL: http://www.immunehealthscience.com/index.html E-Mail orklein@optonline.net Description of Site ImmuneHealthScience.com is about all natural ways to boost your immune system, backed by extensive scientific research: information on glutathione (GSH) and what depletes and raises its levels; foods that help improve immune health; info on vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants Home Page URL:  http://www.massage-education.com/index.html E-Mail tsholt@comcast.net Description of Site Find massage videos for education, find a massage therapist, massage advertising, how to open a spa, how to open a school, types of massage, benefits of massage therapy, massage school tips, and massage school courses. 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Home Page URL:  http://www.healthy-blood-pressure-tips.com/index.html E-Mail chycentre@gmail.com Description of Site This site is built by a yoga/meditation teacher - about alternative ways to lower hypertension. We put emphasis on daily yoga and meditation practice. We promote a vegetarian diet with organic vegetarian foods and brilliant super foods. We like to offer the best from other sites to site visitors. Home Page URL:  http://www.expert-massage-tips.com/index.html E-Mail amsuenterprisesllc@gmail.com Description of Site Find out everything you want to know about massage... Free expert massage tips, techniques and videos at your fingertips! Home Page URL:  http://www.create-a-healthier-life.com/index.html E-Mail createyourhealth@yahoo.com Description of Site Achieving a healthier active life by preventing illness and disease. Getting control of your health and the health of loved ones is the most important thing you can do. Begin by listening to your body and detoxifying your environment. Home Page URL:  http://www.holistic-and-alternative-medicine.com/index.html E-Mail carolhead@bigpond.com Description of Site Holistic medicine is the art and science of helping people learn how to heal themselves. Home Page URL: http://www.ndpendantgiftideasforher.com/index.html E-Mail westfirman@hotmail.com Description of Site Looking for gift ideas for her birthday, Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day, at graduation, or to thank a teacher? Give a unique, handcrafted glass pendant and you'll give back to help a cause like American Heart Association, Make-a-Wish Foundation, Humane Society and Nature Conservancy. Home Page URL:  http://www.wotzinurfood.com/index.html E-Mail mark@wotzinurfood.com Description of Site We hope you enjoy your visit to Wotzinurfood and find the information you need. The site has been designed to be educational and hopefully inspirational. 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Physical and financial health tools and strategies to help you preserve health and save money. Home Page URL:  http://www.weightloss-articles.com E-Mail bherren@gmail.com Description of Site My site has mostly original content for all things weight loss and nutrition related. Whether it be exercise, diet, mind in weight loss, weight loss supplements, etc. it is all content driven and mostly original content for the best Google results. Home Page URL:  http://www.lowfat-nofat.com/index.html E-Mail anne_swift62@hotmail.com Description of Site How about eating plenty of food daily without the guilt. Well lowfat-nofat.com will help you feel full and content about the food you eat. Advice and recipes for a low fat, easy, healthy lifestyle. 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