Replace Lipitor with this natural alternative proven in clinical studies to improve cholesterol without side effects!

Replace Lipitor with this
side effect free remedy.

Gene Millen, Author 5/2/15

Replace Lipitor and send muscle pain, chronic fatigue and loss of memory packing!

The number of people who have experienced adverse Lipitor risks is truly remarkable. Statin drugs are the most widely used pharmaceutical in the world today.

And not one study has shown that Lipitor
(atorvastatin) increases a person's lifespan!
The makers of statin drugs would have us believe that risks from Lipitor and other statin drugs are minor or rare.

But if you're one of those who are experiencing some of these maladies it's far from minor. And as you'll see, it's certainly not rare. Here are just a few first hand accounts of why you should replace Lipitor:

"I had muscle pain while taking Lipitor," writes Verde. "After I stopped, the pain SLOWLY went away. Also my liver enzymes got elevated from taking them."
Omie notes that most people don't realize that any muscle pain associated with statins is your body's way of saying, "Toxic!" He adds, "I let my doc talk me into statins a few years ago, tried 3 different ones and got slight muscle pains with each one."

If that's not enough to get your "little gray cells" stirring here's a few more reasons to replace Lipitor.

People have experienced neuropathy, shortness of breath, vision changes, weight change, hunger, breast enlargement, blood sugar changes, dry skin, rashes, blood pressure changes, nausea, upset stomach, bleeding, and ringing in ears or other noises.

Dr. Duane Graveline, the Space DocFormer astronaut, Dr. Graveline ( M.D. retired ) is uniquely qualified to discuss why you should replace Lipitor. He suffered transient global amnesia as a result of being on Lipitor. Here's what Dr. Graveline reports on his website,The Space Doc:

"The legacy of statin drug use at today's high doses is a trail of chronic aches, muscle pain, numbness, weakness, confusion, fatigue, shortness of breath and even heart failure in hordes of unsuspecting victims.
"Many physicians have themselves become victims of statin drug use and, like myself, now suspect the message of persuasive drug 'reps' may not be the entire truth."

Gene and Bernie Millen, your hosts on this website.I'm Gene Millen, the owner of this website with my wife Bernie. It seems like the whole world is taking either Lipitor, Crestor, or one of their new generic counterparts.

I personally have had to inform my physician that I prefer to replace Lipitor with a natural approach to improving my cholesterol. I really don't want to subject myself to the risks of Lipitor or other statin drugs.

Many persons choose to take their doctor's recommendations that they chose Lipitor or one of their generic counterparts because they fear the consequences if they don't. We have been conditioned to believe that we should "Follow doctor's orders."

If your physician has prescribed a statin drug and you have experienced side effects, or you have noticed that your energy is low, you should, without a doubt, be taking coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

One of the key reasons to replace Lipitor is that it destroys the body's CoQ10.

Replace Lipitor and be Sure You Also Take CoQ10.

CoQ10 is found in most cells, with especially high concentration in the heart.

The heart never sleeps and it never takes a vacation. It beats more than 100,000 times each day, so it is very dependent on the energy generating power of CoQ10

I and recommend it to my friends and family every time I get a chance.
Here's something to think about. Just imagine your heart pumping with two to three times the power you had when you were in your 30's. "Are you kidding me?" you ask. I was skeptical at first but the evidence is compelling.
If your "get up and go" has "got up and went" it's just possible that a statin drug might be the culprit.

Dr. Mark StenglerNaturopathic medical doctor, Mark Stengler says,

"CoQ10 is energy on call," In addition to energizing your heart, CoQ10 has also been shown to support the immune system, blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels.

Summary of Why You Should Replace Lipitor

  • Lipitor side effect risks include changes in liver function.
  • Muscle symptoms are common risks with Lipitor, but occasionally something called "myopathy" occur
  • Some people report changes in memory, attention, or concentration on Lipitor and other statin drugs.
  • Many people report depression and changes in mood when using this drug.
  • Higher rates of death from suicide and accidents.
  • A number of studies have shown that those on statin drugs to lower cholesterol have an increase in accidents
  • Low serotonin has been reported as another of the risks of taking Lipitor
  • Headaches, Joint and Abdominal Pain.
  • Peripheral Neuropathy (tingling and numbness or burning pain) has confirmed by recent studies to be a serious lipitor risk.
  • New Finland study reports possible risk to diabetics from statin drugs such as Lipitor.

CoQ10 also works wonders to lower Lipitor risks, energize the heart, reduce oxidized fat in blood vessels, and destroy free radicals lurking in the heart.

Red Yeast Rice has been clinically proven to replace Lipitor.

Red yeast rice is truly the ultimate natural solution for cardio support! The bark derived from this tree grown in India has been shown in clinical studies to lower cholestero by 30% and triglycerides by 34%.

Red Yeast Rice is a nutritional supplement that is manufactured by fermenting rice with the Monascus purpureus yeast. It is listed in the Chinese Pharmacopeia as a medicinal food because of its ability to support healthy cholesterol levels and blood circulation.

Red Yeast Rice image from Dr. OZ WebsiteRed yeast rice has been used in China as far back as the Tang Dynasty in 800 A.D. It was used to treat all sorts of ailments, including problems with blood flow, spleen, stomach ailments and pain relief.

It has been a staple in Asian diets for centuries and contains several compounds known to inhibit cholesterol.

Red Yeast Rice is an Excellent Choice to Replace Lipitor or Other statins!

Although red yeast rice is weaker statin than its pharmaceutical cousins, Mayo Clinic researchers found that the combination of omega 3 fish oils and red yeast rice lowered cholesterol as much as Zocor over a 12 week period.

After 12 weeks, the fish oil/red yeast rice group's triglycerides decreased by 29 percent whereas the statins did not lower triglycerides significantly. This a key benefit as triglycerides are a key risk of artery clogging.

Another double-blind placebo-controlled study led by cardiologists, Dr. David Becker, MD and Ram Gordon, MD was published in the June 2009 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine.

Half the group took 600 mg red yeast rice twice daily for six months. The other half received placebo. After six months, LDL cholesterol (the so called bad cholesterol) levels decreased an average of 35 mg.
The placebo group did not see these benefits and side effects common to statins such as muscle pain, cramps or liver enzyme elevations did not occur in the red yeast rice group.

In another study of 5,000 people who have suffered a heart attack, those who took an extract of red yeast rice for five years reduced their risk of repeat heart attacks by 45 percent.

It also lowered their chances of having a heart procedure such as bypass surgery or angioplasty, and even appeared to reduce their risk of cancer by as much as two-thirds.

Safety of Red Yeast Rice to Replace Lipitor

Scientists conducting the studies generally believe that red yeast rice is safe in the long-term since it has been a food staple for thousands of years in Asian countries without reports of toxicity.

Dr. Oz blog postOn his blog Dr. Oz answers a question about the safety and side effects of red yeast rice. His answer was,

"Although red yeast rice has fewer side effects compared to statin drugs, it is important to remember that it is, in effect, a natural pharmaceutical that should be used under a physician's direction."
These risk factors combined create what is known as metabolic syndrome, also commonly called "pre-diabetes" which is a primary cause of premature death from heart disease.
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