KEISER AIR Strength Equipment

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Standing Hip AIR 250
Original Cost $3,300

The 250 Standing Hip is the product of choice for athletes and older adults. It is essential for developing strength and power, allowing athletes to train at explosive speeds. The machine offers hip flexion, extension, adduction and abduction which is critical for improving balance and agility.

The adjustable foot platform is split to provide the clearance needed to prevent possibly hyper- extending the knee if the foot strikes the plate during the leg swing. Its light weight makes the foot plate easy to position at the correct height for almost any user. Arched support bars feature dual resistance controls for forward or sideways positioning and provide more clearance for the knee.

Note: This is a new 2006 model which is shown for illustration purposes. You will note that it is practically identical to the one offered for sale on the opposite panel.

Leg Press - Air 300
Original Cost $3,250 -
The list price for a new 2006 model is more than $5,000 but your price for our "like new" pre owned leg press when purchased in our group sale is a small fraction of this.
The 300 Leg Press. Resistance range 0-1500 lbs. The combination of unilateral movement and Keiser’s smooth pneumatic technology make it a perfect machine for power training. The fully adjustable seated position protects the lower back by keeping it stabilized, offering a better pre-stretch on the gluteus muscles, which allows them to be more active during the exercise. Easier entry and greater range of motion are achieved through a moveable stop to hold the foot plates during entry and exit.

This is the new model which is shown for illustration purposes only.  


Biaxial Chest Press
AIR 250 Original Cost $3,440

The creative engineering of the Biaxial Chest Press combines two chest movements into one exercise. As you press outward, as you would in a standard bench press, the hands also move inward, taking the chest muscles through a greater range of motion. This increased range of motion, along with the natural strength curve generated by the Biaxial movement ensure maximum development of the important muscles of the chest and upper arm. The individual movement of the press arm prevents the stronger side from helping out the weaker side. Adjustable resistance is controlled by thumb buttons located in each handgrip.

Lat Pull Down AIR 250 Original Cost $3,040

The revolutionary design of the Keiser Lat Pull Down eliminates the cable, thereby reducing maintenance and, better yet, the chance of injury to the user.

The Keiser Lat Pull Down is the first to use a mechanical linkage to provide the proper linear pull previously obtainable only with a cable system.

The open handle design, instead of an overhead bar, further reduces the chance of injury by eliminating the possibility of bumping the head, neck or nose during exercise.



Lower Back - Air 250 Original Cost $2,450

The 250 Lower Back is an essential and complimentary companion to the 250 Abdominal machine. It works to strengthen the critical erector spinae muscles of the back, the site of most back problems. Keiser engineers have created a machine with easy access; keeping adjustment to a minimum. The seat belt comfortably secures the pelvis in the correct position. 

  Abdominal Air 250
Original Cost $1,995

Few machines can duplicate the movement and effectiveness of the Keiser 250 Abdominal. The secret is being able to create an intense abdominal exercise without involving the hip flexors.

Keiser’s 250 Abdominal features a fully adjustable seat, which helps to establish the correct position for the exercise, together with comfortable chest pads.

Arm Curl - Air 250
Original Cost $2,650

The Keiser 250 Arm Curl allows for the easy curl grip which develops the biceps muscle while protecting the wrists and elbows. The grips also allow for the hammer curl position for better forearm workout. The articulated movement arm compensates for different lengths. Extra padding in the high load areas and fully adjustable seat provide additional comfort during exercise.

Air Compressor - Duplex
Original Cost $1,750


Butterfly Air 250
Original Cost $3,450

Designed with comfort in mind, the handgrip and forearm cushioning make correct body alignment simple. A fully adjustable seat allows users up to five different ranges of motion to work both the upper and lower pectoral muscles for full chest development.

The 250 Seated Butterfly is designed to minimize over-stretching that might occur with other “pec decks” by providing a wide variety of adjustable starting arm pad positions. Independent arms allow users to exercise one arm at a time for variation or if necessary for rehab.

Bill Kazmaier, who held the title of World's Strongest Man from 1980-83 and was runner up in 1988.

My best guess is that this photo was taken between 1989 and 1991.

Upper Back - KEISER Air 300  Original Cost $3,290
These two photos give you an idea of the wide spectrum of users who benefit from KEISER Air strength equipment. This is me (the old guy) on the right.

On the left is power lifting world champion  Bill Kazmaier who held the title of World's Strongest Man from 1980-83 and was runner up in 1988.

Kaz says this about Keiser, "As a powerlifting world champion using only free weights and a few stack machines, I was a bit hesitant to consider Keiser air machines as part of my strength training routine. But after sitting on this unique apparatus I was quite impressed with its ability to adjust to my body , as I am 6'3" and 330 pounds.

"I use Keiser whenever and wherever I can find it as I travel the strength circuit. I feel it is the best equipment of its kind on the market today."

Keiser Air Strength Equipment  - Digital Displays
Description   Original Weight Length Width Height
  Cost Pounds Inches Inches Inches
  A-300 Abdominal Chrome       1,995 142 36 40 48
  A-300 - Leg Press Chrome       3,250 340 69 27 47
  A-300 - Upper Back Chrome       3,290 190 42 30 79
  A-250 - Arm Curl White       2,650 136 41 27 41
  A-250 - Butterfly White       3,450 218 45 43 62
  A-250 - Biaxial Chest White       3,440 187 41 42 80
  A-250 - Lat Pull Down White       3,040 186 60 45 73
  A-250 - Lower Back White       2,450 195 58 28 45
  A-250 - Standing Hip White       3,300 227 38 48 60
  Compressor Duplex   3/4 hp       1,750 215 32 18 28
     $ 28,615     2,036      462     348      563

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