Increase fiber in your diet to lower risk of diabetes !

Increase Fiber in Your Diet
With Heart Healthy Beans!

Gene Millen, Author - Revised 5/11/15

Beans the Super FoodThis common high fiber super food can improve cholesterol, reverse diabetes and extend your life!
Have a helping of beans, peas or lentils a few times a week to add years to your life. I make it a habit to have a cup of bean soup on most days of the week. Few foods boast so much protein, fiber and potassium with so little fat or sodium.

The amazing benefits of beans also include lowering blood pressure and reducing risk from cancer!

Dr. James W. AndersonDr. James Anderson, MD, Professor of Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, Emeritus, at the University of Kentucky has devoted his 50-year career to improving the lives of individuals with diabetes or obesity and has developed diets for these conditions.

He has treated over 15,000 overweight or obesity individuals., at the University of Kentucky, regularly prescribes dried beans to his patients...cup of navy or pinto beans each day.
He has documented that this prescription will cause cholesterol levels to sink by an average of nineteen percent. Simply from eating beans, one man brought his cholesterol down from 274 to 190.

Eating legumes has been linked to longevity more so than any other food. Clinical studies show that the folate, fiber, and minerals in legumes reduce the risk of several chronic diseases.

Moreover, legumes are marvelous regulators of insulin. Type I diabetics, by following Dr. Anderson's bean prescription, cut their insulin needs by thirty eight percent, and actually revesed diabetes!
Beans will also regulate the colon, prevent or cure constipation and they counteract cancer causing compounds in the intestine.

Nick English in his Huffington Post article reminds us that,

"Despite its popular association with trips to the restroom, fiber is no joke. Fiber consumption is currently at an all-time low, with less than 3 percent of Americans meeting the recommended intake."
Eating beans can also suppress your appetite for hours, which make them a wonderful complement to a weight loss program. Beans are digested slowly, causing a gradual increase in blood sugar, which staves off hunger.

Increasing Fiber in the Diet May Help You Live Longer!

A study conducted by the Public Health Division, National Ageing Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia found that,

"a higher legume intake is the most protective dietary predictor of survival amongst the elderly, regardless of their ethnicity."

The significance of legumes persisted even after controlling for age at enrolment (in 5-year interval), gender, and smoking. Legumes have been associated with long-lived food cultures such as the Japanese (soy, tofu, natto, miso), the Swedes (brown beans, peas), and the Mediterranean people (lentils, chickpeas, white beans).

Two Diets that Increase Fiber That Are Very Effective.

Atkins Diet LogoThe Atkins High Fiber Low Carb Diet Really Works

In 1993 we opened The Vital Life Health and Wellness Center which focused on exercise and weight loss for the over 40 crowd.

In the late nineties one of the big stories in the weight loss world was the Atkins Diet and many of our members had great success with it.

For more than thirty years Dr. Atkins has been described as a fraud, charlatan and quack by the medical establishment.

The American Medical Association described Atkins diet as a "bizarre regimen." It takes the AMA thirty to forty years to catch up with the new research.

Critics say that one problem with the Atkins diet is its period of extreme carbohydrate restriction under 30 grams daily during the first two weeks. Click here to read more

Glycemic Index TipsThe Glycemic Index High Fiber Diet Approach

Researchers from Australia have created a system called the Glycemic Index that measures how long it takes for carbohydrates to digest and turn into glucose (blood sugar.)

Some carbohydrates digest quickly, flooding your blood with glucose. Others digest slowly and provide a controlled, steady source of energy.

Whether you choose mostly fast-carbs or slow-carbs can dramatically affect your body fat, energy level and health.

Glucose is the primary source of energy for our body...and energy is good, right? But here's the rub. Too much of a good thing ends up causing some serious problems. Click here to read more.
Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit
The More You Eat the More You Toot
The More You Toot the Better You Feel
So Eat Your Beans at Every Meal!

"Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it."
Proverbs 4:23

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