Eat these "forbidden" heart healthy foods generously. They can help cure heart disease.

These "Forbidden" Heart Healthy Foods
Have Been Given a Bum Rap!

Gene Millen, Author - 5/1/15

It's sad but true than many heart healthy foods have been maligned by the so called nutritional experts, and many of the main stream medical websites.

The top healthy heart foods on their "hit list" are eggs, butter, and red meat, all of which are good for our heart. The heart health benefits of beans have also been received little publicity.

Eggs are good for your heartThe "High Cholesterol Eggs Myth."

The cholesterol and eggs myth should have been shattered years ago. It came about because of the mistaken belief that the saturated fat in eggs caused increased cholesterol, and cholesterol caused the clogging of our arteries.
Contrary to what we have been told, eggs are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and are definately heart healthy foods.
If you have been cutting back on eggs for fear that they would increase your bad cholesterol you have been cheated out of some enjoyable high quality nutrition.Read more.

Butter or margarine, which is better?Butter or Margarine?
Which is Better for Your Heart?

More years ago than I can count I enrolled in a speech class to reduce my fear of getting up in front of a group...and hopefully improve my ability to come up with something to say that made sense.
Our instructor assigned us a page of tongue twisters to repeat as quickly as our brains and tongues would allow. The object of this exercise was to improve the clarity of our speech.
As I was reviewing the recent research on the amazing health benefits of butter, and the pitfalls of margarine, the following ditty was called forth from the far recesses of my brain.
"Betty Botter bought a bit of butter to make her batter better."
Read more.

Beans for heart health and long life.Beans are One of the Most Heart Healthy Foods!

Want to lower your risk of a fatal heart attack and lose a few pounds? Eat more fiber.

Findings from the Nurses' Health Study show that women who ate an average of 23 grams of fiber daily had a 47 percent lower risk of major coronary events, including fatal heart attacks.
Fiber also reduces the risk of colon cancer and acts like a sponge that binds up the fat we eat and pushes it through the body.
One of the best high fiber foods is beans, nature's super heart healthy foods. James Anderson, M.D., at the University of Kentucky, regularly prescribes a cup of navy or pinto beans to his patients each day.
I personally follow this prescription to the letter. My wife, Bernie cooks up a large batch in the crock-pot every couple of weeks, scoops them in to small containers and sticks them in the freezer. Read more.

Hamburgers Are HealthyDelicious Hamburgers Can Be Heart Healthy Foods!

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal by Ron Winslow has the mainstream medical community scratching their heads.

Mr. Winslow reports,

"A new study from the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that the heart risk long associated with red meat comes mostly from processed varieties such as bacon, sausage, hot dogs and cold cuts-and not from steak, hamburgers and other non-processed cuts.
"The finding is surprising to many nutritional experts because both types of red meat are high in saturated fat, which is believed to be partly responsible for increasing cholesterol, and therefore causing heart disease."

In a report that pooled data from 20 different studies from around the world, the researchers found that a four-ounce daily serving of red meat from beef, hamburger, pork, lamb or game wasn't linked to any increased risk of heart disease.

Gene Millen, Heart Health CoachI'm here to be your advisor, help you avoid the pitfalls and false starts that I have made, and guide you to the cure for heart disease.

Thanks for joining us on the journey to
Vital Heart Health for Life!
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