The best exercise plan to lose weight.

Tlhe Best Exercise Plan to Lose Weight

Gene Millen, Author - Revised 5/11/15

Gene and Bernie Millen, your hosts on this website.I'm Gene Millen, your host on this website with my wife Bernie.

Not long after we opened The Vital Life Center, a health and wellness club for the over 40 crowd, I became certified as a Physical Fitness Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist.

One of the most asked questions by our clients was, "
What's the best exercise plan to lose weight?
It's a great question, and if your experience with trying...and failing to get the results you want from previous exercise plans my dog Rocko may provide some insights.

An Exercise Plan to Lose Weight
from a dog's perspective.

Rocko anticipating his exercise walkMy schnauzer, Rocko, pictured on the left, isn't all that interested in learning about exercise, weight loss or heart health, but he does live for his daily walks.

All I have to do is grab his leash and he heads for the door jumping up and down and wagging his tail like an airplane propeller.

Rocko can spend more time investigating a new smell than a forensic team at a crime scene.

I've heard that dogs liken their morning or evening walks to reading the newspaper and he doesn't have to worry about all the depressing negative news.

We live in the San Joaquin Valley of California where the temperature climbs toward to 100 degrees or more in the summer.

When the oppresive heat hits us Rocko is more interested in snoozing close by the air conditioning vents.

When I picked up his leash this week, the expression on his face clearly communicated, "Are you serious master? It's hot out there."

There is an upside to the oppressive heat during dog days. It gives us a perfect excuse not to exercise or lose weight.
It goes without saying that no one should begin their exercise plan to lose weight during this sweltering weather. As a matter of fact it should be against the law.

For those of you who live in the snow and ice the same legal precedent should prevail.

You never know when we could get a change in the weather though, so I recommend that you have a backup plan just in case someone mentions that you need more exercise.

One of the best excuses to avoid exercise is that it just isn't natural.
If exercise is really as good for us as it's cracked up to be, how come we don't crave it like we do chocolate and ice cream?

If God wanted us to exercise and lose weight,
He would have designed us with an exercise gene. Eve offered Adam an apple. She didn't say,
"Let's run around the garden."

A word of caution on how you phrase your excuses. Don't fall into the trap of saying, "I don't have time." This opens the door to the rebuttal that everyone has the same amount of time and that maybe you should examine your priorities.

It's much better to say, "I'm just too busy." After all, the Bible gives us the warning,

"Take a lesson from the ants, you lazy fellow. Learn from their ways and be wise." What could be busier than an ant?

Busyness ranked as one of my all-time favorite excuses...until the heart surgeon sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite arteries.

Dr. Al Sears, MDCan you spare 4% of your time to give exercise a try?

If you are like I was for the first 59 years of my life and have let procrastination push your exercise weight loss plan to the bottom of your priority list you may want to take a look at this program developed by Dr. Al Sears

I thought I knew all the right exercise weight loss principles, but after trying Dr. Sears' new PACE program, it was soon apparent that there was more to learn.

The key differences in Dr. Sears patented exercise weight loss program.

It may surprise you to learn that long-duration exercise isn't natural.

Our ancient ancestors never ran for long distances without rest or recovery. Their exercise was primarily hunting, or trying to keep from being some dinosaur's lunch.

Their "workouts" consisted of short bursts of exertion, followed by periods of rest, and this is how Dr. Sears program works.

"I Lost 45 Pounds by Walking 45 Seconds"

Want to get into the best shape of your life in just 12 minutes a day? If you're serious about losing weight, building muscle, and creating a strong healthy body, our friend Dr. Al Sears has a solution for you that has already worked for thousands.

You can reawaken the energy and vitality you had years ago. Plus, you'll burn more calories, increase your lung capacity, and improve your heart health.

In a matter of weeks, Dr. Sears' program will burn inches off your waistline, build your stamina, and boost your energy levels.
You'll take off the weight and KEEP it off in as little as 12 minutes a day!
One of his patients actually lost 45 pounds by walking just 45 seconds at a time. (You can read her remarkable story below.)
His technique is so revolutionary, he was awarded an exclusive service mark for it by the U.S. Patent Office.
If you want to get into the best shape of your life - today, I recommend you take a look at Dr. Sears' special message.
Check it out here...and let me know what you think about it.

"Above all else, guard your heart for everything you do flows from it."
Proverbs 4:23

Thanks for joining us on the journey toVital Heart Health for Life!
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