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Cardio Support Comparison

This Cardio Support comparison was
taken from listings on Google.

There are dozens of cardio support supplements on the market and the choices can be mind boggling. I have chosen the following products as a representative sampling of what heart supplements are available.

This comparison isn't perfect but I've done my best to make it helpful. Only the nutrients which have been clinically proven to reduce the risks of a heart attack and stroke are shown in this cardio support comparison.


Dr. Weil's Cardio Support X-Tend Life Cardio Klenz Free Life Cardio Mates
GMP Seal of Approval listed No
Manufactured in FDA approved pharmaceutical facility Not shown
Capsules or tablets per bottle 30 120 30
Number of  servings 30 30 30
Omega 3 Oils
   Fish Oil - Molecularly Distilled 500 mg See Ingredients List No
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) 60 mg 39 mg 60 mg
Garlic Oil Extract 500:1 No See Ingredients List 200 mg
Hawthorn No 100 mg 200 mg
Resveratrol No 25 mg No
Selenium No See Ingredients List No
Magnesium No See Ingredients List No
Niacin Non Flush   See Ingredients List  
Money Back Guarantee No 6 months 90 days
Sale Price - 1 bottle 39.99 $48.00 $50.00

Summary of Cardio Support Comparison
Actually there is no comparison. Cardio-Klenz wins by a landslide!

Cardio-Klenz has 29 precise bio available compounds,
all of which play a specific role in helping achieve the desired results.

After spending several hours examining cardio support products a pattern began to emerge. Most of the highly advertised brands contain only a few ingredients, many of which you would find in a multi-vitamin. 

  • I was surprised that drugstore.com, where I found Dr. Weil's formula, does not provide a guarantee, except for unopened bottles returned. It's pretty hard to try out a product without opening the bottle.


Cardio-Klenz has 29 precise bio available compounds, all of which play a specific role in helping achieve the desired results.

The individual ingredients are thoroughly researched before inclusion and only the correct form of each is used.

Because we use specialized enzymes and Reduced L-glutathione we ‘seal’ in the goodness of all the nutrients by enteric coating the tablet which enables them to be released only in the upper intestine instead of the stomach where they would be converted to less potent forms.

You may click on Cardio Support Comparison Ingredients for more information.

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