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Cardio Exercise
Is Good Medicine

Dr. Kenneth Cooper was the first to realize that cardio exercise is good medicine.

The trail blazing doctor, researcher, author and founder of the renowned Cooper Clinic and Research Center in Dallas, Texas, was widely criticized  in1968 for recommending that people over 40 should start a regular exercise program to lower risk of heart disease and a heart attack.

It was considered “too dangerous” at the time.

In the early 70’s he was the first to propose using cardio exercise as a foundation for an active cardiac rehabilitation program. His detractors called the idea “the height of stupidity” to exercise for heart health.

Always it seems, Cooper has stayed just a few steps ahead of the pack when it comes to cardio exercise and the heart. Like so many pioneers and innovators is willing to put his reputation on the line for the sake of scientific progress.

A recent landmark study by Cooper Clinic researchers in Dallas, Texas shows that one’s level of cardiovascular fitness has more to do with longevity than a host of other factors, including smoking, high blood pressure or a history of heart disease.

Studies also show that thinner men who were out of shape were nearly three times more likely to die young than fat men who were fit.

The Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health confirmed what many of us have known for a long time—cardio exercise is good medicine—and it seems that it is even better than we thought.

The scientific community keeps discovering new evidence that not exercising is hazardous to our heath.

In fact a sedentary life style is equal to smoking a pack of cigarettes per day!

Cardio Exercise is medicine. A wise person advised that “Motion is the potion.”

The following chart graphically describes some of the incredible exercise benefits:

In addition to those listed on the chart, the benefits of exercise include stress relief, improved memory and thinking, increased energy and better sleep.

Exercise is also a necessity for weight management. Cardio exercise in the right amounts and intensity help us burn surplus body fat 24 hours per day.

Yes, cardio exercise is good medicine. If you're not getting your daily dose I suggest you try Dr. Sears Pace Express program.

Pace Express works by using short intervals of high intensity followed by a couple minutes of rest.

It really is the most effective way to improve your cardiovascular system...and also is the best way I know to burn off that excess body fat that "some of us" have!



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