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Butter Compared to
Smart Balance Margarine

by Pete

Good tip comparing butter to margarine.
However, I have been using Smart Balance margarine for two or three years, with no ill effects. I think that it is a good substitute, and it does not have all the trans fats and stuff that regular oleo does.

I am 79. My best pal is 78, uses only butter, and is also in good shape.
I might go back to butter. I have not decided yet. I do have some unsalted butter in the reefer right now.

Gene's comments:
Your post caused my little grey cells to stir around and prompted me to check out the Smart Balance ingredients on their website.

I was pleasantly surprised that Smart Balance contains no hydrogenated oils, however there is another thing to consider.

The label indicates that this margarine is processed from an "oil blend", but does not indicate the breakdown of each oil.

More importantly, it is not generally known, but processed oils are almost always heated to extremely high temperatures during the manufacturing process.

The oils are also bleached and deodorized, which destroys the nutrients.

I appreciate the post Pete, and look forward to your future input.


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