The Best Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss and Heart Health.

Chuck Norris' Total Gym is the
Best Exercise Equipment for
Losing Weight and Getting in Shape.

By Gene Millen, Heart Health Coach - Revised 5/29/15

You've probably seen many of the same fitness equipment infomercials on TV that I have, all claiming to be the "best exercise equipment."

"Have a sculpted body in no time", says the well proportioned presenter. Each machine lauds patented revolutionary technology designed to miraculously get you in shape and lose untold pounds with a minimal of effort.

So what's the best home exercise equipment? I like what author and nutritional biochemist Covert Bailey says, "It's the one you will actually use!"

I'm Gene Millen, your host on this website with my wife Bernie. Twenty-three years ago a heart surgeon, sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite heart arteries.

It wasn't as much fun as you might think...and started me on a journey to helping others avoid my mistakes.

My experience in exercise and strength training includes working with hundreds of people in the Vital Life Center, a health and wellness club for the "over 50 crowd.
We paid tens of thousands of dollars for strength equipment with the goal of getting the best exercise equipment we could find.

Yes, it was good equipment but we paid "an arm and a leg" for it. I'm a little embarrassed to tell you the following story:

It was somewhat of a shock to me that after our fitness center had been open for about 3 years I attended a training seminar to enhance my Medical Exercise Certification.
To my surprise and dismay I discovered that my trainer's primary equipment is the Chuck Norris Total Gym! And it cost pennies compared to what I had paid.
My training instructor went on quite awhile describing the Total Gym workout routine, and the more he talked the more impressed I became.
The versatility is little short of amazing and it so compact you store it under your bed or in a closet.
You can build muscle, slim & tone muscle, gain flexibility, burn calories and of course lose weight.

The Best Exercise to Lose Weight

Did you know how valuable muscle is to help you lose weight? Every pound of muscle burns up to 50 calories a day, which may not sound like a lot but those calories can really add up.

If you gain just 2 pounds of muscle which most people can do in 3-4 weeks your extra calorie burning adds up to 10 pounds in a year.
One benefit of strength training that is not often mention is extra calories that are burned hours after your workout.
It changes your body composition to not only look better but feel better and have more confidence.

High quality exercise equipment such as the Total Gym 1000 and the new keeps you strong and active as you get older and it also can improve coordination and balance.

One reason why I think Chuck Norris Total Gym is the best exercise equipment is its durability. It is practically indestructible and can easily last a lifetime because of its quality construction.

No assembly is required, shipping is free and they have an interest free payment plan.
There is also a 30 day risk free trial and a money back guarantee.
Isn't it time for you to get in shape with the Total Gym workout routine?
The only way you can lose is to procrastinate like I did for so many years. One of my favorite sayings was, "Anything worth doing is worth putting off."
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If not now then when?
Let me know what you think.

Customer Comments

"I am so very thankful that Gene and Bernie Millen continue to offer what I consider life-saving advice.

I appreciate the natural heart supplements they offer for those of us who are desperately searching for alternatives to the "traditional" drugs prescribed by most physicians today."

Janelle Carey,
Savoy, Illinois

"These Numbers Have Blown My Doctor's Mind!"

"Gene: I just wanted to take a minute and share with you the results of my latest blood work.

"My total cholesterol was 114, my LDL was 48, my HDL was 51 (up from 35), and my triglycerides were 111.

"These numbers have blown my doctor's mind. He has tried for years to get my HDL up above 40.

The only thing different that I am doing is taking the Krill Oil, the Red Yeast Rice with Citrus Bergamot, and the exercise program that you outlined for me.

"I don't know which of these did the trick, or if it was a combination, but these are the best numbers I have ever had....Thank You BIG TIME!"

Odis Summerw, Lubbock, TX

"There is nothing I read with more interest and enthusiasm than your columns. Thank you once again for your efforts."
Jim Nash

"I love it. I wish I had found this place a long time ago!"


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