The Best Coenzyme Q10 Absorption to raise hdl cholesterol levels.

The Best Coenzyme Q10 Absorption
For Your Heart.

Gene Millen, Author - Revised 5/11/15

Gene Millen, Heart Health Coach

I'm Gene Millen, your host on this website. In 1990 when I was 59 years old I enjoyed the surprise of a six way heart bypass operation. This got my attention and prompted a change in my lifestyle that sent me on a journey to learn what caused this near heart attack.

I wanted to determine what heart supplements I could take that would reduce risks of a heart attack.

As I dug into the research to learn the essentials of keeping a healthy heart I came upon the website of Dr. Al Sears. Dr. Al isn't your usual medical doctor. He is a and expert in nutrition, has been certified as a fitness trainer and has developed a Wellness Center in Florida.

Following is a transcript of an interview Dr. Sears had with Dr. Mae, the developer of a new form of high absorption coenzyme q10.

"I have some very exciting news It may be the most critical CoQ10 discovery since Karl Folker first indentified coenzyme Q10 in 1958.
"I want to tell you about a meeting I had with the most respected CoQ10 researcher in the world. Dr. Mae from Japan stopped by my offices to talk to me about his latest breakthrough. It's a new form of Coenzyme Q10 that's 8 times more powerful than conventional formulations.
"Being 8 times more powerful doesn't just mean that it's 8 times better. The truth is more remarkable. This new form of CoQ10 will give you the opportunity to make gains on a scale that defies comparison.
"Conventional CoQ10 works wonders, but the problem I've had is keeping my patient's blood levels high enough. They often require high doses, and that sometimes means taking 4 to 6 capsules a day of at least 200 mg. That's very expensive.
"The new form of CoQ10 is 8 x stronger and stays in your bloodstream almost 4 x longer than regular CoQ10.
"The quick absorption rate of this remarkable heart supplement lets me give a single 50 mg capsule to the patients who used to need half a dozen. And that's just the beginning.
"The fact that it stays in your blood stream so much longer means you can literally turn back your aging clock with a much smaller dose.
"It's probably the most powerful nutrient for your heart and brain known to medical science. A few years down the road, we may find that it makes many chronic conditions a thing of the past.
"This formula will change the face of anti-aging medicine forever. Some of the laboratory videos Dr. Mae showed were absolutely astonishing to my staff and me.

One video of their research showed 3 groups of mice and how they aged. One group was given this new formula. The second took conventional CoQ10. The third group was given no CoQ10 at all.
"The mice were all the same age and allowed to age normally. After several months, the mice taking no CoQ10 died of natural causes. They showed typical signs of aging and suffered heart and brain damage which is typical of oxidative stress.
"The second group, taking conventional CoQ10, was still alive but showed signs of aging. The regular CoQ10 had extended their lives, but you could tell they were starting to suffer. When they eventually died, they had similar conditions to the first group, just not as bad.
"The third group, taking this new formula were not just still alive, they looked like strong, young mice.
"They were running around their cages with all the vigor of a mouse half that age! And in spite of being old, they showed no signs of aging!
Al Sears, M.D.

Just as a gasoline engine can't work without spark plugs, the human body can't work without CoQ10.

Stephen Sinatra, M.D., a highly regarded heart surgeon and author of several books on heart health says,

"A CoQ10 deficiency affects your heart as profoundly as a calcium deficiency would affect your bones."

You will find CoQ10 in most cells of our body, with especially high concentration in the heart. Our heart never sleeps or even takes a nap or a vacation. It beats more than 100,000 times every day, and needs the energy and power of Coenzyme Q10.

  • CoQ10 helps protect our DNA from oxidative damage and, gives support to our heart, brain, and joints.
  • Although our bodies can manufacture the CoQ10 it needs for normal health, unfortunately statin drugs such as Lipitor, Crestor and their generic partners often deplete CoQ10 levels in the body. As we age our bodies make less of coenzyme q10
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I wish I had discovered this "Miracle Heart Tonic" a long time ago!

Thanks for joining us on the journey toVital Heart Health for Life!
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