The Benefits of Resveratrol are Amazing!

Is your energy lagging? You need the benefits of resveratrol!

Gene Millen, Author - Revised 5/7/15

Do you feel like you are getting old before your time? It's possible that resveratrol can give you the shot of energy you've been looking for.

Gene Millen, Heart Health CoachI'm Gene Millen, your guide and the owner of this website with my wife Bernie. I remember the event like it was yesterday. The heart surgeon had sawed open my chest and stitched in bypasses to six of my favorite heart arteries.

This got my attention... and for the last 24 years I have been researching ways to keep my heart ticking for a long, long time. One supplement I wouldn't be without is resveratrol.

Science and medical professionals are buzzing about this powerful new discovery. One that can help you switch on your longevity gene and cancel out the negative effects of aging.

Among the many benefits of resveratrol is its ability to turn on good genes and turn off those that destroy your health!

One of the genes that get switched off with resveratrol;

  • produces LDL cholesterol that can clog arteries when accompanied by inflammation and oxidation.
  • Resveratrol supports your body's ability to regulate healthy cell production

Just imagine what life would be like if you could:

  • Recapture the vitality of your youth
  • Sharpen your mental abilities
  • Win the battle over distructive genes

Dr.Stephen SinatraCardioligist Dr. Stephen Sinatra Touts Benefits of Resveratrol

Within the last decade, resveratrol—a polyphenol found in red wine—has stormed into the nutritional supplement arena with a reception befitting a superstar. While I was originally a bit skeptical of the benefits of resveratrol given one falsified study, I’ve kept my eye on it and I’m firmly convinced it’s the key to better heart health and longevity.2

So, what is resveratrol and what are the benefits of resveratrol? It’s a flavonoid antioxidant present in grape skins and red grape juice. In plants, it’s naturally synthesized as a defense mechanism to protect against invading fungi. In many laboratory studies, involving cell cultures and animals ranging from fruit flies to mammals, resveratrol supplementation has been found to promote longevity.
But what really impressed me as a cardiologist was research showing resveratrol helps to keep your blood flowing as it should…

Australian Study of Health Benefits of Resveratrol.

In an Australian study of overweight hypertensive men and post-menopausal women, researchers monitored resveratrol’s effect on the brachial artery, the major artery of the upper arm. Impaired blood flow in this vessel is linked to risk factors such as obesity and hypertension. After consuming of a highly bioactive form of resveratrol, participants demonstrated a significant and rapid increase of blood flow within the hour.3

Resveratrol works its heart-support “magic” in two ways. First off, it protects the endothelium, the delicate inner layer of your arteries, from oxidative free radical damage. Second, resveratrol helps to protect the production of nitric oxide, the critical chemical produced by the endothelium that keeps blood vessels optimally dilated.

Harvard Medical School Research on Resveratrol

After some debate, Harvard Medical School researchers are saying they have confirmed that compound resveratrol that's found in red wine does provide anti-aging benefits.1

The study, which was published on March 8 in Science, shows that resveratrol stimulates production of SIRT1, a serum that blocks diseases by speeding up the cell's energy production centers known as mitrochondria.
Researchers have also figured out which gene allows resveratrol to produce SIRT1, and believe that some drugs currently in clinical trials may be able to provide the same anti-aging benefits as well.
"In the history of pharmaceuticals, there has never been a drug that binds to a protein to make it run faster in the way that resveratrol activates SIRT1," senior author David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School professor of genetics, said in a press release. "Almost all drugs either slow or block them."

Dr. Al SearsHere's what Dr. Al Sears, pioneer of anti-aging medicine
has to say about the benefits of resveratrol:

"I'd like to tell about a powerful new discovery that science and medical professionals are buzzing about.

One that can help you switch on your longevity gene and cancel out the negative effects of aging."

"This is not science fiction: It's real life! Some of the benefits of resveratrol include its ability to switch on good anti-aging genes and turn off the negative ones that;"

  • Prevent cancerous cells from multiplying.
  • Induce DNA repair (fixes damaged chromosomes)
  • Enable insulin to assist glucose uptake into cells (normalizes blood sugar)
  • Ramps up the good HDL cholesterol that actually reverses heart disease.

"Resveratrol shifts your cells into high gear, stimulating them to perform a variety of activities that promote health and longevity."

The benefits of resveratrol lower heart disease risks, and it also has the remarkable capacity to halt cell malfunctions that can be lethal, such as tumor growth.

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