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Antioxidants Send Free Radicals Packing.

I'm Gene Millen, your host on this website.

Antioxidants protect against the nutritional terrorists of aging, heart disease and cancer.

Millions of nutritional terrorists known as free radicals bombard our cells and DNA every day. Antioxidants are the warriors that defend against these attacks.

When free radicals are on the rampage, the pillage and plunder do not make a pretty sight. They take building blocks from normal cells and cause those cells to break down.

Free radical damage has been shown to be instrumental in heart disease, stroke, cancer and Alzheimer?s disease.

Free radicals set up the process of oxidation can also damage the immune system, reduce resistance to infection and colds cause the skin to lose its elasticity and wrinkle.

The benefits of antioxidants C, E and Beta-Carotene have been known for some time but the benefits selenium, Zeaxanthin, Lutein and Lycopene are just now getting the recognition they deserve.

Based on extensive data it appears that by combining several antioxidants together a synergy is created that makes the sum greater than its parts. In other words 1+1=3.

How do we get the antioxidant protection we need for optimum health? Most antioxidants have been removed from food by processing techniques that focus more on shelf life than human life.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is important, but getting the combination and quantity necessary for optimum health is a daunting if not impossible task.

The evidence is overwhelming that nutrient supplementation is necessary to get the amounts necessary for optimum health and prevention of disease.

Are you receiving the levels of antioxidant nutrients that you need? If you are interested in thriving?not just surviving?then a high quality, broad based antioxidant formula is a must.


Mens Multi VitaminMen's Food Rich Multi Vitamin is no ordinary vitamin!

This all natural food rich vitamin specifically addresses the unique nutritional needs of today's man.

In addition to providing 100% of 19 vitamins and minerals, Men's Multi Vitamin contains Siberian Eleuthero and marigold extract, both powerful antioxidants.
It also includes saw palmetto for prostate health and tomato powder for lycopene.
This iron-free multi is specially formulated to reflect the demands of modern men, providing them with a divided dosage for nutritional support throughout the day. Read more about Men's Food Rich Multi Vitamin.

Womens Food Rich Multi VitaminWomen's Food Rich Multi Vitamin is no ordinary vitamin!

The nutritional needs of a woman are vastly different than those of a man. Especially during child bearing years, women need additional iron, calcium and folic acid to help achieve optimum health, just to name a few.

And though our multivitamin line offers many excellent choices for ladies, Women's Multi is the only product specifically formulated to suit the nutritional demands of today's women.
In addition to extra amounts of the above mentioned vitamins and minerals, Women's Multi includes the amino acid L-tyrosine, lavender extract, chaste berry extract and several other herbs and vitamins critical to women's health. Click here to read more about the Women's Food Rich Vitamin.













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