Kunzea Oil: 100% Natural Organic Pain Reliever

Kunzea Oil: 100% Natural Organic Pain Reliever

The Australian Kunzea oil is derived from the plant Kunzea Ambigua. It has an all natural fresh, clean and vivifying aroma that is good for sensitive smelling. Indeed, a lot of kunzea oil benefits effectively relieve muscle and ache pains. The all-natural organic composition of its oil makes it so one-of-a-kind. Kunzea has high-content of several essential C15 compounds. These compounds create special benefits and special therapeutic uses. With many pain killer synthetic drugs, pills and tablets that come out in the market today, it could be safe to be cautious in picking one.

What are the essential uses of Kunzea essential oil? 

For more than 30 years, several studies reported the therapeutic uses of the essential oil. It is used to help various common ailments. The great use of the essential oil has listed by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) with the following therapeutic claims:

  • Symptoms of flu/influenza relief
  • Pains and muscular aches relief
  • Arthritis pain temporary relief
  • Helps to relieve stress, mid-anxiety, and nervous tension
  • Rheumatism pain temporary relief

The kunzea oil suppliers australia offer safe and 100% natural organic pain relief products. The active ingredient of Kunzea oil targets sore joints, aches, and pains caused by arthritis. The oil gets absorbed through the skin targeting the areas of inflammation. Beneficially, the active components of the essential oil triggers own healing process of the body to ease the pain and relax the muscles.

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The unique ingredients of Kunzea oil

Many of us are familiar with the natural essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Lemon. Australia Kunzea is often forgotten with its powerful properties, which only known by a few people. In fact, it is one of the most essential native oils proven as safe and effective to eliminate pain. The organic composition of the Kunzea makes it unique. The high content of 6 essential sesquiterpene compounds of Australian Kunzea are the following:

  • 1,8 cineole 12%
  • Alpha-pinene 52%
  • Alpha-terpineol 2%
  • Bicyclogermacrene 4.4%
  • Globulol 7.6%
  • Viridiflorol 6.8%

Australian Kunzea is very different from the other pain relief products that simply numb the pain. It works to reduce inflammation and relax the muscle to alleviate pain. At the same time, it increases blood flow to calm painful nerve endings. The Kunzea oil key components target the source of the pain by penetrating skins layers.

Great benefits of Kunzea oil

Aside from the therapeutic use of Kunzea essential oil, it has many benefits over alternative essential oils. The aromatic and refreshing oil benefits include:

  • It is suitable and safe for most types of skin
  • It is organically grown in Tasmania
  • Helps reduce pain and inflammation
  • Aromatically invigorating and uplifting

Seeking for a safe and effective pain reliever is no longer difficult. There is no need to hesitate and doubt the benefits given by the Kunzea oil. Although it is not that familiar like the other natural organic oils, it is proven as safe and skin-friendly. It can’t cause any skin irritation and allergy making it perfect for most types of skin. Seek for the product online, you can come up with many dealers. But, there is only one thing to take note, always be careful about choosing the legit product and dealer. Beware of the fake ones, if there is.