Removal of unwanted fat through cosmetic surgery: Liposuction

Removal of unwanted fat through cosmetic surgery: Liposuction

As we start aging certain parts of our body become very difficult to get rid of fat and especially the areas of your stomach, hips, thighs and back. Exercises and dieting also fail to tone your body after a certain age and fat acquired during pregnancy for instance is difficult to get rid off in most of the cases where women feel the embarrassment as they are often questioned about their due date even after the baby’s delivered.

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Why exercises and diet fail to restore your physique prior to pregnancy and childbirth?

Even though you lose the weight that you gained during pregnancy with exercises and diet it is never proportional to the fat accumulated during pregnancy. When this happens you might end up with larger waist, larger buttocks and smaller breasts, etc.

Thus to gain back the physic prior to pregnancy and in the right proportion you can always not rely on exercises and diet because it is the fat you need to lose. Medical science has advanced to such a level today that cosmetic surgery is safe and involves methods where fat is successfully removed from those stubborn areas like the hips and stomach with minimum incision.

All about liposuction

Liposuction today is one of the best body contouring techniques that is safe and many prefer it over exercises and diet as the results of the latter are never as you desire. It involves removal of unwanted pockets of fat from areas including stomach, legs, arms, lower back and thighs. Liposuction surgeon will help you decide the best procedure and the areas where fat is otherwise very difficult to get rid of. They specialize in Mommy Makeover which involves cosmetic body contouring combining various procedures like liposuction, breast lift, breast reduction, labiaplasty, etc.

Benefits of liposuction

Liposuction is not just for the aged or for women who have difficulty in regaining their pre pregnancy physique but also for those who have gained a lot of weight which can prove to be chronic. Obesity is one of the common lifestyle related problems today that has other heath consequences like diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, etc and such people suffering from chronic obesity find it very difficult to exercise or even walk. Liposuction is known to help such patients.

When you are planning on getting a liposuction make sure that you consult the best and reliable surgeon as factors like the amount of fat that needs to be removed and the fat that has to be left out are very important because if these factors when neglected results in dents and ugly marks on your body. Consult your surgeon now to know more about liposuction, its before & after care and more.