New Generation of Accutane Alternative in Skin Care to prevent Acne Outbreaks

New Generation of Accutane Alternative in Skin Care to prevent Acne Outbreaks

Acne is a common enemy for everybody who suffer from it, it occurs due to excessive oil secretion within our skin. Excessive oil mix with dead skin cells can cause acne outbreaks. To prevent this, Vitamin B5 is one of the solutions. Hence it is safe to use, and nowadays, it becomes an Accutane alternative for a better way of acne treatment.

Vitamin B5 synthesizes Coenzyme A (CoA) that controls your oil secretion. During puberty, your body will create testosterone hormones that lower the ability to produce CoA. Hence, you will get oilier skin and need more doses of Vitamin B5.

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Pantothenic Acid as solution for Effective Treatment

Pantothenic Acid (PA) is an essence of Vitamin B5. Some people might require less PAdose thananother person. Whenever your body stimulates less CoA, you will produce more oily skin, so thus you need additional doses of PAto balance this condition. Any other Accutane alternative solution is also working the same way. However, PA has successfully shown that it has 90% success rate, which is higher than Accutane with only has 80%.

Our body gets Vitamin B5 from outside our body, means we should be able to provide our body the vitamins from foods or drinks. In case, we need more doses, then we can have it from a special Vitamin B5 supplement. You can start from a lower dose 4 times consumption a day, and start to increase the dose step by step but not exceed 12 grams a day. Consume it after a meal and drink more water to prevent stomach ache becauseit’s a side effect.

During treatments with a special supplement, you can also consume food that contains Vitamin B5, such as salmon, egg, cabbage, broccoli, etc. These foods are easy to find and are available at affordable prices. Combine these with your regular consumption of a variety of fruits and vegetables, to have more variation of Vitamin B components.

Let’s know more about its benefits!

Two major benefits of having PA are that because it’s natural and safer than the other option, excessive doses of chemical treatment could lead to another side effect to your body. However, by having this PA treatment, although you may have consumed more doses, your body will automatically regulate the excessive dose through the urination process. Thus, it’ll keep you safe from stacking unused PA elements in your body.

A balance of CoA dose taken from an additional supplement and from food source will enable you to regulate oil secretion in your skin. It would not be a problem anymore if you are in a condition of stress, puberty or less sleep, as long as you get these sources into your body, then you could prevent yourself from acne breakouts. Drink more water to dissolve any excessive PA, as previously mentioned, this is water soluble, which means that you also need to supply enough water into your body to circulate it properly and dissolve the unused elements.

Days to take care of after treatment!

During the treatment period, you can maximize the effect by cleansing your face regularly. Dead skin cells need to be washed away frequently. If it closes your pores, it could trigger an acne breakout and can alsolead to an infection. Thus, cleaning your face after makeup is extremely important. Use a toner and moisturizer properly to prevent dry skin.

In brief, application of PA as an acne treatment is really effective and shows more benefits than any other alternative. The source could be found easily from various foods,the excessive dose could be dissolved automatically, and it has few side effects. All of these benefits are a major value of includingPA as your acne treatment option.